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Welcome to our new drink-ware blog!

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My name is Fredrik Perman and I'm the owner of The Product Farm. Welcome to our first blog post that is all geared towards The Product Farm's line of unique adult drink-ware!

This is not our first blog entry ever, however..

We've now separated our design related blogging from our drink-ware blogging - as it's two completely different parts of our business and just plain confusing to most who visit our website. Some of you found us because you are fans of our wine and beer "sippy cup" tumblers or other products that we sell in  our online store. While the rest have found us because you're looking for a partner to help you develop your idea into a physical product, or something along those lines. 

Therefor, to better streamline and guide you in the right direction quicker - it's best we keep things separate. If you want to learn about our latest design development projects, you can now find them in our design blog at theproductfarm.com. If you want to learn about new drink-ware news, developments, special seasonal discount and coupon codes - you're at the right place! We're not moving old content from our previous blog, we decided to just start fresh with this blog and keep old mixed blog entries where they were - in the design blog.

Visit our store to explore the largest selection of adult insulated drink-ware on the internet.

For those of you who does not know my company's history, I figured this first blog post would be the best place in briefly explaining what my company does. I founded The Product Farm in 2007, with it's main focus on product design and development. Creating custom unique products had been my bread and butter for many years prior, while working for a US based manufacturing company, which contracted production of various products in China. 

Despite a challenging start-up year during a dwindling US economy at the time, I managed to keep things going and slowly grew my customer base - which consisted of advertising and marketing companies, corporations and individual entrepreneurs who all needed to either create a new product from scratch or improve on something existing. 

By 2009 I had personally developed and designed over hundreds of products that made it to production and grown strong business relationships here in the US, Hong Kong and mainland China.

USB Scent Flower - $9.99

That same year, I launched my first patented product - the USB Scent Flower™, which gained a huge media following around the world and introduced me to the world of E-Commerce and social media marketing. 

This was when my duties as a company owner separated into two different responsibilities: On one end my focus was on the consumer who purchased from my company, the retail partners we worked with and constant social media and marketing to gain traction. On the other end, making sure that our design and development business stayed intact and all clients and potential new leads were serviced by the same high standards.

Vino2Go® Merlot Red - $9.99

In the summer of 2012, the first glimpse of the worlds first "wine sippy cup" - the Vino2Go® - went viral! As a product designer, I had been working with the manufacturer on some last minute developments. I also had one of the first existing samples on hand and I was asked to take some photos of the product for a one pager. When we saw the online response of the photos I took on PinterestFacebook and Twitter, we decided to carry stock of this product. As you probably know by now, it was a huge success.

Brew2Go™ Red - $12.99

Since then, we've designed and patented a whole new line of insulated adult drink-ware and also added a few more products that we source from other companies and inventors that fits our audience well. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Product Farm and please stay tuned for more updates and holiday specials!

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